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As the old saying

The heartbeats of an unborn child synchronises with the mom. And the child becomes the nucleus of parents world. Time flies, roles reverse and there comes a time when the children are in the driver’s seat and the parents need support.
Once upon a time they have been our heroes, managing things wonderfully, overcoming umpteen obstacles. Now they have gracefully aged and their faculties dimmed.
But their spirit burns for love, emotional support, psychological back up and a sense of belonging. Let us be reminded of the warmth of their hands and hold them tightly.
Let us be reminded of their unconditional love and support and be a pillar of strength in their sunset years. Let us embrace these lighthouses of wisdom and good sense whole heartedly.
It doesn’t take a fortune to do all this. It simply takes a compassionate heart and genuine concern on our part to make the seniors feel comfortable and belonged. Keeping in mind that one day all of us will go through the similar stage, let us all be more considerate, more accepting and more affectionate. This all encompassing love will simultaneously nurture them and as well as us.
Namita Varma

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